Rosa Muscosa
Rosa Muscosa
Rosa Muscosa
Rosa Muscosa

Rosa Muscosa

A Rose protagonist who turns into an extra when her sweetness meets peach velvet, Blackberry juice and a sour Cassis.

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Rose, the fragrance’s main character, makes her first appearance when her gentleness meets velvety Peach, juicy Blackberry and acidulous Cassis. Floral and vegetal notes create a compelling contrast where the shyness of an intense Violet confronts a seductive Jasmine. The earthy Geranium leads back to the original purity of unspoiled Rose, while an amber and soft base heats up her raw elegance.

Head: rose, cassis, geranium, peach, blackberry.

Heart: violet, turkish rose, jasmin, patchouli.

Base: amber, vanilla, balsamic notes, white musk.

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