The peace that comes after a long journey, made of obstacles and falls, to reach the most intimate part of ourselves. A hymn to life.

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“The roses fall, the thorns remain” Proverb.

Symbol of the end of the Hundred Years War, the Tudor Rose represents peace after a long and difficult struggle. It reminds us that we should come to terms with our wounds and life’s obstacles, since these challenges keep us away from ourselves. A fragrance that frees from fleeting artifices and reveals pure beauty. Petals carried away by the autumn wind, a jumble of bushes, wood, roots, and soil. A metaphor that is nothing else but a celebration of life in its simple and essential form. Deep, enigmatic and penetrating notes that end on a sweet and amber accord. TUDOR is the sixth and final perfume of the collection. It is the last step of the journey, the most demanding: one that leads inside ourselves.

Head: rosewood, geranium, lily of the valley.

Heart: amber wood, benzoin, soil.

Base: rosewood, benzoin, labdanum, ambergris, vanilla from madagascar.

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rating 10
Lo adoro. Delicato, sofisticato e unico.
rating 10
Un profumo intenso, buonissimo

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