Rediscover your
uniqueness in a fragrance.

Coquillete Parfum was born from an artistic vision of perfumery and, like art, intends to give everyone the opportunity to find themselves in a perfume, in full respect of their uniqueness. Perfumes designed as an expressive mode of oneself, of one's individuality, beyond any convention.

The notes are mixed with passion and originality to give life to new olfactory combinations, the result of a constant search for the best raw materials, to create high quality products.

Each fragrance is made following the highest production standards and packaged by hand, with love, in Italy.

An iconic pack

The Coquillete Parfum fragrance pack is patented, and has been conceived on the basis of parameters that make it distinctive, recognizable and sustainable. Three cardboard boxes with eco-leather finish that, wedged together, guard the inner glass bottle.

This particular system guarantees an optimal and lasting conservation, because the perfume is constantly protected from direct light (even from the artificial light of the headlights of a showcase) and protected from heat that could alter its chemical balance.

The absence of a canonical cap (replaced in this pack by one of the three boxes, responsible for closing) is a choice of sustainability: the cap, usually, is among the most difficult elements to recycle.

The overall structure of the pack, finally, is extremely resistant and protects the inner bottle from accidental damage during travels.

Thanks to the refinement of the materials that compose it, its functionality and its elegance, the pack has been included in the prestigious list "20 bottles of perfume that have made history" drawn up by Vogue Italia.

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